Acts 2:40 “Be saved from this perverse generation”

Our generation now is the most narcissistic generation. We idolise and worship ourselves. I am disgusted by our generation and I am in no way setting myself apart from this generation. I am fully aware of the pride and self idolatry I place upon myself.

We live in a culture that is so focused on numbers and statistics. How do we measure our popularity? By the number of friends, followers, retweets and likes. How do we measure success? By the number of properties you own, the amount of money you make, the number of hits you get and that number on your graduating certificate.

The church is sinking in this generation. Society has such a huge impact on the world that the church feels the need to compromise in order to fit in to society. Shouldn’t the church be set apart from society’s mindset? (Heb 10:10) The church should place the importance of God’s word above everything else. Why then, is the church conforming to society if society is placing numbers and statistics as of greatest importance? (Rom 12:2)

Modern churches are focusing so much on the numbers that they start to promote their church like some cheap advertisement for gasoline. They downplay the word of God and place more emphasis on the events held in the church to attract the crowd. There is competition between churches for its members. Its all about the “hype” and not about the “heart”(Acts 2:44-47).

We are forgetting that in the end it is God who does the work. Whatever events we plan, however we try to sell and promote our church to attract its members will not help if God does not will it. It is God who adds to the numbers, not us. The problem today is that we focus too much on what we can do and not what God can do. I’m not saying that we should stop trying to attract members with events nor am I saying it is wrong to do so. I am saying we should know where to place the right emphasis and focus on. We must always remember that it must first happen internally before it can happen externally. For if we have the heart, then only will we do things with the right purpose, the right mindset and all in all placing God at the center of it all.

“And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved” Acts 2:47 (NKJV)